Creating a “Honey Pot” Service

You’ve just come up with a great idea for a new consulting/advisory service. You know clients will want it. You’ve mapped out the experience, the methodology. You know what happens when, who will be involved, what resources are needed, how you will show and measure success, how much it costs to deliver and your marketing (and pricing) strategy.

Don’t forget to include a way for prospects to sample the offering without necessarily committing to the whole thing: The “honey pot” offering.

The job of a good honey pot is to help prospects experience the service and see for themselves how the promised results might be delivered. You’ll want to draw them in with insights into the challenges they face and that your full offering addresses. Provide useful information, share frameworks for solving the problem, and, yes, make them ask themselves: “Can we really handle this on our own?”

Honey pots come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from a free breakfast seminar with guest speaker, to an audit, to cost-benefit analysis. But you have to walk a fine line between setting up a future sale and delivering useful information, analysis or results.

For a honey pot service to be successful, think of it as a slice of the larger offering rather than a business development activity. Name the slice, market it and perhaps even brand it. Map it into your service portfolio to make it clear to customers that it is part of your offering, and clear to those in your firm how it can be used as a tool to entice buyers to the full offering.

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