When E. F. Hutton Hawks …

… will anyone listen?

Reviving the E.F. Hutton brand is not a bad idea, especially if E.F. Hutton’s new marketers resist the temptation to change the brand’s “when E. F. Hutton talks, people listen” emotional storyline.

Any historical tarnish on the brand name can be overcome with a bit of clever and consistent marketing and, above all, living up to the promise of authoritative information and analysis/market movers.

The real game will be trying to prove that the new E. F. Hutton’s way of doing things is better than those of competitors. To that end, the firm has a unique opportunity to build an operations structure that truly can deliver on its promise.

One tactic to get the operations conversation started: Consider the marketing campaigns of others broadly in your space to identify what you need to do differently and better. (Working under the premise that smart competitors will understand the market mindset , albeit through their particular lens). Two examples:

The folks at E.F. Hutton might prompt themselves with a page from Kroll’s ratings agency “Our name is on the line” campaign (you can trust us because we weren’t around to make the mistakes when the others did) to ask: What can we do to help clients experience this in new ways?

Black Rock’s “Investing for a new world” (it’s all different now) might prompt you to ask: What’s really different about the market today? What would we need to do to be seen as the firm with the authoritative voice?

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